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Computer training

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Computer from the Comfort of Your Home


Why waste time and money on generic computer courses that cover topics you already know or might never need? Instead, share your goals with me, and I will develop the perfect program and guide you step-by-step to success.

Whether you're looking to learn, receive clear instructions, or collaborate on a project, I've got you covered. And if you simply want the task done, you can hire me for this time and any future needs.


My Computer Training covers a wide range of topics, including:

1. Microsoft Office Mastery

  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher

  • Effortless cut and paste techniques

  • Fixing formatting like a pro

  • Adding stunning graphics

  • Crafting efficient mailing lists

  • Rediscovering lost documents

  • Managing and updating tables of contents

2. PC Setup and Optimisation

  • Organize your files, desktop, and photos seamlessly

  • Optimize your PC for peak performance

3. Email Mastery

  • Master email setup and usage

  • Learn to add attachments with ease

  • Create effective mailing lists

  • Filter out pesky unwanted emails

  • Keep yourself safe in the digital world

4. Mobile Device Expertise

  • Get the most from your iPhone and iPad

  • Personalized setup for your day-to-day needs

Discover the power of personalized computer training and take control of your digital world today.

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