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Business documentation

Discover five time-saving solutions from Word Tasker to empower your business or organisation:


  1. Operating Manuals: Let me streamline your operations. We'll create clear and concise operating manuals, saving time and ensuring consistency in instructions. New team members can dive right in, and rarely performed tasks won't require relearning.

  2. Templates: Elevate your brand's professionalism with a suite of templates, from letterheads to signature blocks. Consistency in your business's visual identity is just a step away.

  3. Style Guides: Maintain linguistic uniformity across your communications and advertising with an in-house style guide. Ensure the right spelling and language choices every time.

  4. Policy and Procedures: Don't let critical documents gather dust. I can assist in developing and updating your business's essential policy and procedure documents, making them accessible and up-to-date.

  5. Customer and Consumer Information: Keep your customers informed and satisfied with clear, plain English content. Whether it's standard email responses, FAQs on your website, in-store signage, or informative brochures and leaflets, I can help you communicate effectively."

Colorful Binders

Meet deadlines with less stress

We can help you develop or update-

  • accreditation documentation

  • annual reports

  • catalogues

  • educational and technical material

  • indexes

  • newsletters 

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • reports

  • training materials 

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