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Empowering your digital world, one task at a time.

Word Tasker is a micro-business providing a range of services for businesses, organisations, students and individuals both online and on-the-Fleurieu.


About me

My name is Jen Kay

I have a knack for organization and a passion for simplifying. Whether it's words, people, or anything else, I thrive on categorizing and tidying up.

Starting in libraries, I jumped into the online world before the web even took off, mastering databases and text-based information sharing. My journey spanned various careers, from toy libraries to special ones, along with early childhood literacy programs and education roles. Intrigued by information management and tech, I studied Business Information Systems, leading me into healthcare.

In the health sector, I excelled in computer-based tasks like managing patient systems, creating intranets, and training others. Quality and safety then captured my focus, benefiting from my tech-oriented skills. Embracing continuous quality improvement, performance monitoring, and more, I became adept at crafting clear documentation.

Now, I run a small farm on the Fleurieu sharing my time between weeds and words.


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0414 551 251

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